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What Is A Stretch Tent?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

What is a Stretch Tent? Through the eyes of a 12 year old (and then our marketing department).

In our aim to inform, educate, and inspire our customers, we want to answer all their burning questions and (hopefully) put their worries and fears about the process to one side. So, I thought I would start with the absolute fundamental: ‘What is a Stretch Tent’. But I want to answer it in the most basic and non-marketing way, so I asked my 12-year-old niece, who was lucky enough to have one on her birthday (you're welcome!).

What is a Stretch Tent? As told to me by my 12-year-old niece

Its was a big sheet that covered me and my friends and I had my birthday in it. They said it looked pretty cool and my Dad was pleased as he didn't have to pay for it so bought me a bike.

A Stretch Tent in a garden for a birthday party.
Our Stretch Tent in a garden for a birthday party

Not quite what I had in mind!

To answer the question in a simple way: A Stretch Tent is a single piece of waterproof material (similar to a wetsuit but sandy in colour) that is suspended in the air by a middle pole and poles around the outside. They come in various shapes and sizes, varying from 7.5m x 10.5m that hold around 60 guests to 21m x 15m that hold 240 guests. They can be used in many different ways, from hosting small garden parties, holding entire weddings, or just providing some shade at a festival.

"Kieran and the team are fantastic, and really set the scene for our wedding with their amazing stretch tent." – V.Page. Medium Stretch Tent at Longton Wood

As I write this, I can see the marketing department shaking their heads, so I better let them have a go at explaining what a Stretch Tent is, before they go off on one. I hope that answered your question. But if you do have any more, please let me know at

What is a Stretch Tent? - As written by our marketing department

Discover the Magic of a Stretch Tent Wedding

When it comes to planning an unforgettable wedding, the venue is everything. But what if we told you that your venue could be anywhere you dream of? Welcome to the world of Stretch Tent weddings, a luxury experience that brings your fairytale to life.

Stretch Tents are far more than just a covering (Kieran!); they are the epitome of boho and elegance combined. Imagine exchanging vows under a canopy of fabric surrounded by panoramic views of the Sussex countryside or a beautiful garden. With wedding Stretch Tent rentals, the possibilities are endless.

A large stretch tent set up in the grounds of a private school
Our 15m x 21m Stretch Tent set up a private school

At Great British Tents, we offer Luxury Wedding Tents designed to fit your vision perfectly. Whether you're envisioning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our Stretch Tent wedding packages adapt to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on offering stunning Stretch Tent that provide both an intimate setting and a remarkable backdrop.

What sets a Stretch Tent wedding reception apart is their rustic charm, in keeping with their natural surroundings. Outdoor Stretch Tent weddings free you from the confines of traditional venues, giving you the freedom to celebrate love in a place that holds sentimental value.

If you dare to dream differently for your big day, a Stretch Tent wedding might just be the magic you're looking for.

Need more information about Stretch Tents?

Emails us on and our knowledgeable team will help you!

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